Friday, July 1, 2011

Avril Lavigne House In Napanee

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  • AnishD
    04-02 10:51 PM
    I have a question for H1 transfer. If I work with Company A and I am transfering my H1 to company B. What happens to my H1B with company A if by chance the transfer gets denied..does it get suspended or can i work with Company A again if they have not cancelled?
    Thanks in advance..

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  • gcpool
    11-16 09:07 AM
    You should not apply 6 months in advance. You should apply 3 months in advance because if you do 6 months they might approve in a month from the date you applied and the new ead will start from the day it gets approved. Applied 6 months in adv and now lost the rest of the months of current ead. Dont listen to the customer service guys they dont know anything. They told to apply 6 months in adv and when I called them after approval they were helpless to even replace it for the actual term.

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  • nk2006
    06-10 01:31 PM

    That's great news - IV's efforts are paying off now. Not sure if they give two years for all EAD's applications (either renewal or new) that are currently pending. Now I wish my application will get a bit delayed in processing :)

    Anyway its a good news that they are starting it from June end.

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  • mansour
    09-05 11:01 PM
    are you kidding me, hehe ;)

    no way!


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  • yabadaba
    04-22 12:34 PM
    it means your case has a new lud

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  • idark
    06-24 07:05 AM
    It really doesnt fit in anywhere lol - But I can experiment a bit see what I can come up with. Can I resubmit my entry?


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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-01 09:08 PM
    I posted this question on another thread but its on page 38-39, so thought I might post as a new thread so that I can get some answer to my concerns...

    I renewed my EAD thru e-filing. Everything was ok but the address to send the Confirmation Receipt is TSC. My initial I-485 is at NSC. My address did not change anytime from the time I applied I-485.

    I entered the correct info in question 11..which was:

    Have you ever before applied for employment auth. form USCIS?
    X Yes(if yes, continue below)
    I checked yes

    which USCIS office?

    My answer:

    LINCOLN, NE date: 08/14/2007

    Should I be worried about this or can I just feel its okay?

    Is this something okay?

    Please let me know....Thanks.

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  • ameryki
    02-19 10:36 PM
    I am planning to get my H1 stamped during my next trip to India and have a couple of questions

    1) Have anyone used Yourmaninindia or Sahara Care or any other service to deposit H1 forms at VFS Mumbai. For Mumbai consulate, the forms need to be submitted 3 days prior to Visa Interview and they do not accept courier :mad:

    2) I recently found that if you have an appointment at one of the consulates in Mexico, you can Fax the 797 and get PMIS verified in advance.
    Do we need to submit the entire H1 fee for appointment ? If there is a cheaper way, I am thinking of taking an appointment , get PMIS verified and cancel the appointment.

    3) Any idea if they do a PMIS verification for H1 extensions (same company) as well ?

    I am hoping this helps. My H1 renewal 7th year came through in December effective January 10 2010. I was at the Mumbai consulate interviewing for H1 visa on January 21st and received my passport in hand in 3 business days.


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  • CADude
    10-19 12:54 PM
    My friend also don't have any issue. He filled on June 10th 2007 and has to leave county on June 12th 2007. He and spouse got stamping and came back to US on July 11th 2007. They have done FP and got EAD.

    It's advisible to to have Receipt# before leaving and I am hoping you will get in next 8 weeks for sure. Good Luck.

    I have I-140 approved and also based on I-140, I have 3 years H1B approved which expires in 2010.
    My I-485 was rejected and I have re-submitted which is obviously pending and not further news on that (refiled on 10/10/07 at CSC)

    I have following questions:

    1. If I want to travel to INDIA for 6-8 weeks, Is there any problem?
    2. Can I get H1B VSIA stampled at BOMBAY?
    3. Do I need any other document except H1B approval notice & I-140 approval notice?
    4. Do I need to mention about I-485 been filed?

    Please help. Thank you in advance.

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  • aadimanav
    06-03 12:36 AM
    This bill is dead.


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  • immigrationvoice1
    02-12 02:35 PM
    My wife is going to apply for both H4 and H1 visa. Since marriage is in March end, she will come to US on H4 visa. Her H1 visa will be applied as if she were in India. Now her I94 will say H4. Once she gets her H1B, she will have to go out of country to get new I94.
    We can go to Mexico to get it stamped and hence get new I94. If for some reason, H1B is rejected, can she still enter the US on H4 visa?


    My advice - Bring her in using H4 visa stamped on her passport based on your H1B. The H1, even if she gets (in the 2009 quota which needs to be applied on April 1st 2008) cannot be used before Oct 2008 as all new H1s can be used only from the month of Oct. That H1B approval will come with its I-94 attached. Once October arrives, she can start working on her H1B. She does not need to go anywhere to get it stamped.

    When you go out of USA on vacation the next time, she can have her H1B visa stamped on her passport.

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  • dipmay2002
    10-28 05:59 PM
    I recently change employer on EAD in NJ and new employer is saying that I can't claim withholding allowance for dependents on EAD; I had no issue with my previous employer and was claiming 6 withholding allowances; I told them that my previous payroll processor was ADP and none of my friends on EAD had any issues claiming dependents; They are saying that this is new 2010 rule change and you need to have GC for it. I told them that all dependents have SSN and passes 182 days resident alien test rule..they are not agreed..Is it true? Please let me/send any links/information to prove it...


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  • austingc
    05-03 04:18 PM

    Thank you for the advise.

    My wife has already gone to the consulate and got her stamping. So she is out of the loop, its only me who needs the stamp.

    To put my question in a different way:

    Will the consulate cancel/stops/statusquo my wifes H4 visa as the H1B is in "Admin Processing"?

    Thanks again.
    They will not do it because your visa will be under admin processing and not denied or rejected.

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  • desibob
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Hold on there. Why exactly do you need to file EAD and AP now? Once you get 140 and 485 receipt notice, you can apply online yourself. Then you will get your own EAD to your own home.

    Then the questions is - would you be able to get a copy 140 and 485 receipt notice from him?

    Thinking out loud - Probably you can change the address by calling USCIS or by filing AR-11 (you may need receipt number to do this).


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  • tabletpc
    11-12 10:48 AM
    I recently took up a fulltime job and I was told that drug test will be taken few days before the join date. Also the employment is contegent upon succefull drug test and background test.

    My concern is, I need to give 2 week notice to my present employer . If drug test and background test are not done before 2 weeks of join date, how can I be sure things don't go wrong for some or the other reason in checking. My records are clean in US and I don't forcee any problem.

    SO is this common to conduct drug test few days before join date...??

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  • kondur_007
    06-03 11:06 AM

    Each month visa bulletin is preceded with a demand data. So bulletin should come today or tomorrow.

    Check out data for China. It shows significant reduction from last month. Expectations are low for India but China will advance a lot in July.

    This is done in preparation for the spill over (fall down); they have used up all of "china's own" numbers and now they will actually retrogress EB2 China (to move it along with EB2 India) to distribute spillover (fall down); the VB will come with a "long explanation" as to why the retrogression for EB2 China despite of low demand....

    Stay tuned! :)


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  • realist
    01-07 09:08 AM
    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) isn�t wasting any time with his immigration agenda, dropping a bill on the first day of Congress that goes after birthright citizenship.

    King�s measure would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, ending automatic citizenship for anyone born in the country. Instead, the measure requires that only the children of citizens, legal immigrants permanently living in the country or immigrants in the military, be granted citizenship.

    Republicans grabbed headlines last summer after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized the longstanding law, saying it encourages pregnant women to come to the country to have children so they can eventually become citizens themselves.

    Though others have called for changing the 14th Amendment, King said that ending birthright citizenship through statute makes sense because it�s easier to do.

    �We need to address anchor babies,� he told POLITICO Wednesday. �This isn�t what our founding fathers intended.�

    Immigration legislation isn�t high on the list of priorities for House GOP leaders.

    At least five other members � Reps. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), Gary Miller (R-Calif.), Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) � are co-sponsoring King�s measure.

    Read more: Steve King unveils birthright bill - Simmi Aujla - (

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  • satishku_2000
    05-27 05:02 PM
    Bumping up

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  • sbindval
    07-15 08:03 AM
    i'm in

    04-26 08:45 PM

    I am a B. Com, M. Com (1 yr) and CA from India, CPA (USA) with more than 12 yrs exp in accounting industry, including 7 yrs of post qualification (after CA) exp. - But even after all these qualifications, I was suggested by a leading law firm that I will not qualify under EB2 :mad: :mad: !!!!
    If the position required a bachelors degree then you have problem !!!! What he (lawyers asst) said that you either need 4 yrs single degree or 3+3 yrs degree to qualify for EB2. He specifically said that 3+2 yrs degrees or 3+1 yrs (as in my case) does not qualify for EB2.

    I have not yet filed GC yet though.

    Hope this helps.....

    02-18 09:38 AM
    Your french degree has no compelling equivalency to a masters degree in u.s. educ. level. specially you are just a neophyte in your field (1yr) better apply in quebec ...:( :(

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