Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • imconfused
    06-29 08:09 AM
    my i-94 is abt to expire in 7.5 months time... due to passport expiry date, though my H1B is valid for 1+ more soon can i renew my I-94,? I understand i have to renew my passport first in order to get the I-94 renewed.

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  • immigration_confused
    11-17 05:30 PM
    My wife and I are currently working on EAD and have used the AP to entry the US. We will be going to the Canadian consulate to apply for Canadian Visa (want to go on vacation). I had the following questions:-

    1) What all papers are required?
    2) How long will they issue the canadian visa for? I am planning on obtaining a multiple entry visa. When I was on H1 they issued me a visa which was till the end of my H1 expiration date.


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  • delta3110
    02-02 11:23 PM
    I am in H1 status and my wife is in H4 status. She received credit for an amount for which she received an 1042-S form. Also received a 1098-T form which shows the credit amount. Where do I show the amount in the 1040 or 1040 EZ ?

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 04:36 PM
    I think it means if you sent in your application then you can get a receipt by the date listed.
    Atleast thats the interpretation I got from it.
    sent in ur application by when? waht must the receipt date ?


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  • zCool
    03-31 11:27 PM
    Last Status counts situation DOES NOT apply here.
    That rule applies to situations where you've gone from h1b to h4 or ead etc..
    In your case, you can have as many approved h1b petitions as possible since it's really petition approved for that employer and your are merely beneficiary.
    BUT you can ONLY work for 1 employer at a time..
    Going by your situation.. if you have approved h1 from company B and are working with company B. THEN you are okay.. to hell with what company A may choose to do..

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  • singhsa3
    08-08 12:58 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?


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  • bitzbytz
    10-27 04:32 PM
    For AC21, is it an issue if we accept a job in another state than the one where you filed for Perm

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 07:33 AM
    Here is an inspirational song by Mavis Staples to motivate the rally goers. The song and the video are moving. But, some might find the video graphic so, please use discretion.

    Good luck on the 18th.

    P.S: I can't go as I have a date with the court.

    Excellent inspiration - everyone must now go to DC.


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  • fxok425
    01-09 10:07 PM
    I was H1B, but used AP return to the U.S. the same company, but when I filed the new I-9 form after return, the company lawyer asked me to write EAD and EAD expiration date, so I guess I am AOS now? or not? I am not sure. My company will resume my H1B this month, but don't know when it will be completed.

    Now I am going to e-file EAD renew.There are some questions in the form I-765 that I am not sure how to answer (The lawyer has completed his 140 and 485 document, so he doesn't want to answer now.):

    1, Manner of Last Entry into the U.S.: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B (SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?

    2, Status: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B(SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?

    3, Please select your eligibility status : Should I choose (a) (4) PAROLEE or (c) (9) FILED I-485?


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  • Siddhartht
    10-03 02:15 AM
    Thanks krish for the response . few more questions

    >>i got my L1 stamped at Chennai . can i apply for my would be wife l2 visa at Delhi consulate ??

    >> My company is not doing any documentation for my wife L2 . can i do all myself ?


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  • morchu
    04-25 03:39 AM
    On EAD you can work multiple jobs, accept payment or stocks or compensation from any employer.

    By the way, in H1B you can accept "profit on passive investment".

    Alright so it is better then i dont take any equity at all untill i get greencard?

    what if i come on EAD ?? does it effect anything or still the same result ??

    Thanks Again!!

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  • lost_in_migration
    06-22 09:38 PM
    <today�s date>

    US Department of Homeland Security
    United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
    <your USCIS Service Center address>

    Re: Permanent Residence of <your name>

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    This letter is to confirm that <your name> will be employed with us on full time, permanent basis upon receiving approval of his permanent residence application. He will receive an annual salary of no less than <annual salary>. His job title will be <job title>, and he will be performing the following duties:

    Develop full life-cycle object oriented software, including analysis, design of application's specifications, documentation of software user requirements, development of programming using C++ and/or Java languages, Windows NT, design of graphical user interfaces and Object-Oriented Databases(OODBMS) using OMT Methodology, testing and implementation.

    Please feel free to contact us if your office should require any further information.


    <signature, name and designation of authorized person>
    <company name>

    Can someone post sample employment letter for filling I-485. I will need this letter to forward it to my employer.

    Appreciate your help.



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  • rsrikant
    10-22 10:01 AM
    i got receipt date as oct 11th on transfer notice.
    is it the receipt date of my 485? or will there be a different date on the actual receipt??

    my application reached on aug 3rd at texas.

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  • wandmaker
    08-25 01:19 PM

    I have my I140 approved couple of years ago and now our company is being acquired by another firm. As a result I may lose my job. I am on 5th year of H1 and have I140 copy.

    I got an offer with a project from a top consulting firm who is willing to transfer my H1 and also carry forward GC.

    However I am concerned, as that consulting firm has the history of cancelling the H1 once they could not find any new projects after the current project. But in current market scenario, I could find any other opportunity and it may be necessary to join that firm.

    So lets say after one/two years, if I lose my job with that firm and want to carry forward my H1/GC with other company, will it be possible?

    What should I ask the firm now (terms and conditions, before start working with them) to make my self in safe position later on?

    Thanks for your advice.


    PD on your profile does not sound realistic, whats your actual PD? I assume you have not filed your 485 according to your profile. This may help throw some opinions.


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  • kondur_007
    08-11 08:58 PM
    Yes, it is possible to process your GC through company B while you are working for company A.

    1. You should have "good faith intention" to work for company B permanently once your GC is approved.
    2 Company B should have good faith intention to hire you permanently once GC is approved
    3. An RFE is likely during I 140 process and also during I 485. Company B should be able to respond to RFEs promptly and favorably. Also they may ask company B to show "ability to pay" for the new position and also the business necessity for the new position. These two RFEs are less likely if you are currently working for GC sponsoring employer at the time of I 140 or 485 adjudication (as that would be a defacto evidence that your position is needed and company can pay!).

    Also see my post in the following thread regarding changing employers after GC:

    Good Luck.

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  • neo_ny
    10-31 06:36 PM
    Hello All - I understand from the website that the people already working in the US qualify for an emergency appointment if they are returning back to work in the US. Does anyone if this rule is also applicable it is the first time you are getting a H1-B visa stamp? I got a COS and am planning to get a stamp in December. I know that more dates are available now .. but was wondering if the need arises will I eligible for emergency appointment?



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  • mr_aryan
    10-19 01:42 PM

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  • abqguy
    08-19 01:39 PM
    Our travel doc is expiring in October 2010. My wife would like to travel in Sep and return in Nov/Dec timeframe and now we are waiting since mid July on the renewal. Airfares are already high this year for some reason and we can't make travel plans or book tickets until the last minute. Very frustrating. I remember last year my renewal got approved in less than a month, not sure whats the delay this year...How do we even go about contacting them to expedite?

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 01:58 PM
    way to go chandu.! We all will be there tomorrow.!

    great - see you there

    Everyone to DC


    Everyone to DC

    08-26 10:12 AM
    Some additional information. My wife's first semester will be Fall semester as H4 and spring as F1. She will graduate by the end of spring- i.e. May 2009.

    04-30 12:53 AM
    Hi there,

    yes myself and couple of my friends went thru Mr Gotcher lawfirm. Strongly recommended, very experienced, specially handling tough cases.

    Bit expensive though,

    good luck.


    Any experience with this law group for EB based GC ? Please do post. Thank You !

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