Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • validIV
    03-20 02:29 PM
    Check with the prevailing wage for your new location that matches your job title/description. It needs to be close to that.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-23 10:14 PM

    I sent pm to the ppl around Buffalo, NY. Pl respond.

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  • buehler
    03-01 01:15 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I am planning to apply for EAD and AP. Debating myself if I have to go with e-filing or paper based. Some one told me, paper based DOES NOTrequired biometrics where as E-filing DOES need biometrics? Could you please shed some light on this?



    I had applied for my wife through paper and they did not ask for her fingerprints. I had applied for mine through efiling and they did ask for fingerprints. I was not in town on the day that they had asked me to be at the service center. So I requested a later date. Lo and behold one fine day I got my EAD approved without any fingerprints. Don't ask my how it was approved but that is the case.

    Please enter the details of your Green Card application in your profile.

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  • Sakthisagar
    12-01 03:57 PM
    Thank You dealsnet. I updated myself too.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-26 09:00 AM

    Article by Frank Aquila of Bloomberg BusinessWeek who underscores several reasons why lifting the cap on H-1B petitions is essential for US Tech growth including the fact that "The U.S. Labor Dept. estimates that by 2014, 2 million high-tech jobs will go unfilled simply because the cap on H-1B visas has not been raised."

    Read Article (

    More... (

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  • sweet_jungle
    03-23 11:03 PM
    Any feedback on techpoint solutions, bay area, ca?


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  • we_r_d_world
    11-13 08:45 PM
    Go ahead and apply, as long as you get the receipt before expiry date on her I-94, you should be fine. You will have to be ready for her return to India ASAP if her extension petition is denied, as she might start incurring illegal stay, which might create hindrance for her next visit or her next VISA application.

    It would be a good idea to state about her anticipated visit to other states etc. instead of other reason.

    It is likely that she might get RFE, but it should all be answerable.

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  • nathan99
    04-16 08:21 AM
    never seen this til now, but ooooooooooooooooooooo.

    PS: What does it mean ?


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  • mbawa2574
    08-21 06:22 PM

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  • k_confused
    08-16 06:56 PM
    Dear All,
    I got a labor substitution and filed for my I-140 and I-485 concurrently. Today was the last day to send the documents and some paperwork was missing for my wife! I missed sending the package!

    Now how should i proceed?? My wife is on H1-B currently. Any ideas??

    My priority date is 25 jan 05 - eb2.



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  • mrana
    01-14 12:29 AM
    Mcom+MBA+Mphil +NET + 5 yrs exp as lecturer in Delhi.

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  • tabletpc
    12-01 11:35 AM
    Sorry to know u r situation. But remember not knowing rules is not an execuse with USCICS.

    1.Is it possible to do H1 transfer with one paystub if I somehow manage to get one from them(By lyin as in for bank loan)?

    When you apply for trasnfer you need 2-3 recent pay stubs. Pay stubs are asked to show you are indeed working and not out of status.

    2. Would I get any query on that? But one good explanation is I finished my MBs around the same time as I applied H1 and so I can explain it to USCIS but still I'm worried. Any body in smilar boat?

    Usually transfer is easy when compared to getting first time h1B. However considering you qualification its difficult to say. However you can still get sufficient documents and try for an transfer. If you get RFE , you can then decide weather to gohead with transfer or not.

    USCICS receive thoudands of application and i am sure they won't be willing to listen to your story.

    My 2 cents...its illigal not to give pay stubs to employee. learn the rules from DOL website and you threaten the employer. I am sure employer he will bend as he will have to close the consultant if you report to USCICS about the this.

    Good luck


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  • vandanaverdia
    11-14 08:02 PM
    U & I together can make a difference...
    IV needs "YOU"
    Help IV help you...

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  • innervoice
    07-15 12:16 PM
    I have a EAD valid for next 2 years and H1 is also valid till Nov 2010, my employer want to cancel my H1 and to put me on EAD. Is there any kind of risk involved in doing so, Please suggest.


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    03-01 11:14 AM
    Hi folks, i am in urgent situation and need your advice.

    My 6-year H1B expires by end of April 2011 and I am quitting my job by the end of March and changing my status to H4. My I-140 has been approved, I-485 not submitted. Now I only have 1 month left in the 6-year H1B period and am in H4 after March, can I find a new employer to apply for H1B for me, using the 1 month? If yes, can the new employer apply for a 3-year H1B visa?

    any comments/advices would be appreciated.

    I guess your H4 is not approved yet and continuing your employment on H1B. Your best course of action would be to have your employer file an extension (beyond 6 years) for H1B and get a 3-year approval (with approved I-140). You can change jobs after this but if you don't want to take this path you can still find a new employer before end of march and apply for H1B to get a 3-Year H1B. You will need to restart your PERM and go through the whole process with your new employer ASAP.

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  • Dhundhun
    08-08 01:40 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?

    If you meant India, there is one case @
    - mytracker23 India EB2 PD 07/24/2004 approved on Aug 07

    If you meant China, there are couple of cases @
    - greencard1234 China EB2 PD 03/25/2005
    - erlizhinian China EB2 PD 03/26/2005
    - evereadyjoe China EB2 PD 11/24/2004

    But one thing is for sure, NSC has more ROW cases processed/approved, TSC is primarily going/approving India.

    I tried to get info. in, but no one else reported.

    I was hopeful of my case with Aug 2008 visa bulletin, but seeing the rate/pattern of approval @ NSC (post Apr 01, 2004), now I see no hope in Aug/Sep 2008.


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  • GC_hope_2006
    08-08 04:55 PM
    Please find below my case details:

    i.Started on L1A in Dec 2001

    ii.Applied for a new H1 in June 2005 with start date as Oct 1,2005(New H1 application) : Came to US on H1 in Mar 2006 with "I 94 and Petition End Date(PED)" as Dec 2007.

    iii.Since Dec 2001 till Mar 2006, have been in India for totalling 10 months (2.5 months in 2003, 1.5 months 2004, 6 months during 2005-2006).

    With the assumption that I can recapture the time spent outside US (10 months), the six year clock ends in Oct 2008. If so, to get 7th year extension
    would it work as long as the Labour is filed before Oct 2007.

    Am I correct in this assessment or does the 6 year clock indeed ends in "Dec 2007" (as in my I94/PED) and I should have the Labour filed before Dec 2006.

    Any thoughts? Appreciate your comments.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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  • vikasgarg24
    08-04 02:39 PM
    You dont need to file 485 again. after i140 approval send a email to SC and they will include new I-140 and Labor in 485

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  • h1checker
    10-01 03:13 PM
    Hi All,

    I am attending my visa interview next week in one of the Indian consulate. Sometime back I came across a website which lists each persons interview date and there visa status - approved/denied. I am not able to re-collect that link

    Does any one has any idea?. Basically that link shows the status of visa interviews conducted.

    Thanks in advance

    09-15 12:18 PM
    你好 - 华盛顿!

    05-30 12:00 PM
    The suggested procedure generally is, (assuming you got stamped with Employer A while in India and you want to work with Employer B as soon as you land)

    1. File a new independent petetion
    2. at Port of Entry, show the I-797 of company B, so that your I-94 records the right company you intend to work.

    With quota over for the year, you cannot file another H1 and follow above approach.

    When quota was not an issue until 3 years ago, the above scenario worked.

    Now you dont have an option because in I-129 (H1b application) form, you will be counted against the cap unless you are already in US in same status i.e on H1. Since you are not in US, you cannot avoid not being counted againts the cap.

    So the only way is to come in to US with intention to work for Employer A and then look for moving to employer B

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