Friday, July 1, 2011

Valentines Day For Him

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  • toosunneo
    02-02 11:01 AM
    You are right. The attorney thought that my sixth year ended in August 2010. Glad I don't have to travel outside of US. Thanks for the response.

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  • rc123
    11-04 09:17 AM
    Hi All,

    I sent h1b extension application to california center on june 22nd and my application is still not approved. My current visa was valid until July 30th. I need to travel to India on Dec 10th due to urgent reasons . Please suggest what should I do

    1. Can I travel while my extension is pending?
    2. Can I raise a service request to speed up the processing?
    2. or Upgrading to PP is the only option?

    I do have EAD and advance parole through my husband's GC application. If I use parole for travel what happens to my H1b visa and GC application filed through my employer. My visa will still be valid or not?

    Please help...

    Thanks in advance

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  • Paisano
    05-01 08:58 PM
    1) As per the law, you and your husband both are supposed to leave the country the next day. But USCIS generally allows upto 30 days to leave. As per the law, he can not stay for a couple of weeks to look for another job. Both of you are supposed to leave the country.

    2) Yes. You both will be out of status but you will not be accuring unlawful presence if your I-94 is valid. You will start accuring unlawful presence once the employer withdraws H1B petition. The unlawful presence is the one which will make your bar from the country for 3 years (after 180 days and under 1 year) or 10 years (more than a year).

    3) No. It may not be a issue with GC processing. Under 245 rules, unlawful presence upto 180 days is allowed.

    4) You have to submit your I-539 petition along with your husband's H1B petition. Your status is tied to your husband's status.

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  • cr52401
    03-02 09:29 PM
    It really help if you are close to end of the time. I got it in 2 weeks.


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  • sathyaraj
    11-16 11:06 AM
    When you apply for renewal. The new EAD card will be issued after the date of expiry of the current EAD card, so there is no need to worry. Pl. make sure that you file as renewal.

    You should not apply 6 months in advance. You should apply 3 months in advance because if you do 6 months they might approve in a month from the date you applied and the new ead will start from the day it gets approved. Applied 6 months in adv and now lost the rest of the months of current ead. Dont listen to the customer service guys they dont know anything. They told to apply 6 months in adv and when I called them after approval they were helpless to even replace it for the actual term.

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  • scorpion00
    04-29 10:18 PM
    Your priority date is when your labor was filed.


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  • microsai
    04-16 05:17 PM
    Has anybody recently done their stamping in Canada?
    I would like to check if I can go there for renewing my visa

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  • dealsnet
    05-11 03:29 PM
    If your company not informed USCIS and you are again working with the same company means you are not out of status, consider 1 month as unpaid vacation. No need to stamp your visa, if you have time in I-94. If you want to go to home country, better go after having atleast 3 /6 months of continuous pay stubs with you


    I have an urgent query. Please help.

    I was laid off from my company AA during last week of March-2010. I have not yet singed the lay off letter. And I was rehired by the same AA company on second week of May. I have valid I 94 for next 2 years. But my visa got expired. I was out of payroll for a month. I dont have last 2 payslips.

    I have joined the new client through the AA company few days before. My AA compay is asking me to go my Home country and get my Visa stamped and come back. Is there a way that I can continue the employment here without travalling to my Home country at this point ? Are any other better solutions / ways.

    Immediate response highly appreciated.



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  • vkallank
    09-21 09:06 PM

    i have filed in the form / submitted the application for joining the google GA group. please check.

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  • wisley
    10-23 05:49 PM
    hi all
    im in F2B ( LPR filing for son over 21 )
    my PD : 12-aug-2009
    ON 23-dec-2009 case has been approved , based on the Visa Bulletin currently the are processing visas for F2A with priority date before 1- JUN i think soon " within 2 month " it will become current and thus all unused visa numbers will transfer to F2B ( spilover ) if this happen i assume i will get my paper and interiview within 2011 .
    AM I RIGHT ?????
    any insight will be appreciated


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  • Tommy_S
    05-20 01:40 AM
    Added a pink thing.
    Looks a bit rough\agressive\bright on the blue bg. But hey, nice stamp. ;)

    P.S. I wonder, who did the Kf's theme.. j/k. :P

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  • ivvm
    12-02 10:54 PM
    Well i had the same on my H1 approved in Aug 2004!


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  • edaltsis
    08-19 01:44 PM
    Have to live at the mercy. My last 2 EAD renewals were very quick, I got them both in 10-15days after I applied.

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  • bindas74
    01-24 03:46 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I filed my 485 in June 07 ad hd my FP on 7th September, 07. I read on some of the threads that we would be geting notices for additional finger printing after 15 months or so. I havent received any yet. Should I be proactive an request for one? Will my EAD finger printng count towards the requirement? ( I had given my biometrics formy EAD last April i.e 08 April ). Is this the reason why I did not get the FP notice? Any one in my boat?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

    Anyone please share ur opinion.



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  • immigal
    08-12 09:55 PM
    I just checked the copy sent to me from my law office. It says I-485 pending for the current status. I got the EAD renewed without any problem.

    I saw somewhere that you can alos write AOS pending.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Actually I am e-filing, so the option for me are PAR:PAROLEE. DO not see any 'AOS pending' status.
    1. Did you also enter on H1b and then switched using EAD?
    2. So do you have H1B on 'Last entry status' and 'AOS pending' on 'Current status' questions?

    Thanks again..

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  • thescadaman
    09-14 07:36 AM
    My OPT started on July 12th, 2006 and I did not apply for my H1-B last year because the advanced degree cap quota was reached even before I got my job. Now, my OPT expired on July11th, 2007. My attorney suggested me to use the 60 days grace period to stay in U.S and get my H1-B Visa stamped in Chennai, India (Because, the 60 days grace period will get over by September 11th, 2007 and there is 19 days gap before my H1-B starts). In the H1-B approval notice it is clearly mentioned that I would attend the Chennai consulate for my stamping. The problem is that, I am not able to find available dates in Chennai consulate for H1-B stamping. Can I attend Delhi or Mumbai consulates? Please suggest me a way to come out of this situation.

    You will have to fill in Form I-824. The Question 2b - "USCIS to notify a different U.S. Consulate or Port-of-Entry about the approval of an application or petition. Please notify the U.S. Consulate or Port-of-Entry at:", you will select Delhi or Mumbai consulate here. I need to warm you that this is a very slow process and you hardly have any time.

    First and foremost, you will have to make sure that you are not overstaying and going beyond your 2 month grace period. Hence make arrangements for international travel and consider this top priority!

    Now that I have answered your question. I would like to request you not to open multiple threads asking the same question. Please delete your second thread.

    Also, I am hoping that you are aware of this Big Rally event which IV is planning for. Please see if you can contribute towards the Rally in any form.

    Note: This is my opinion. Please consult with your Attorney and take any decision.


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  • gparr
    May 19th, 2004, 01:54 PM
    Agreed, but look at last week's two leading finalist shots. Basically a couple of good family snapshots: the kid getting wet and a guy with a hose. Confuses me as to what's considered good "competition" photography.

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  • ivjobs
    10-28 06:31 PM
    Why is beautiful_mind in all reds?

    Are you pinching beautiful_mind reminding him about the reds. I think he isn't concerned but you appear to be more concerned for his reds.

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  • acepb
    07-20 07:28 PM
    you shouldn't have a problem re-entering the US on AP from the UK. I have done it twice already in the last year.

    02-27 01:51 PM
    My received date is Aug 15, 2007.

    I looked at the new I485 instructions and the fee now is $985.00.
    So i think I payed under the old structure. I am going to include the fee for both of them.

    Thanks for your help!

    07-24 04:36 PM
    My attorney signed my I-485 AOS/EAD/AP applications and posted them on July 2nd as he was in a hurry to apply because of July 2nd scenario. Is it ok for the attorney to sign our papers. Is anybody in the same boat as me. I am a little concerned as the USCIS FAQ says application can be rejected if signature is missing. The application reached USCIS on July 3rd.

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