Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • okuzmin
    06-04 08:16 PM
    I had a similar situation, and I had to change the employer and start all over again. However, your situation looks much better than mine. I was trying to find a lender to vouch for my employer, but that didn't happen. Your employer, on the other hand, has the lender. I believe you should be fine. The only area I'm not sure about is the period of time you didn't work for the health reason. This one I would consult about with a lawyer, since you are supposed to be employed while on H1b, or else you're out of status. There may be certain exceptions (like health-related issues) in the law.

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  • vnsriv
    07-05 12:50 PM
    Did any one received the receipt notice of I-485 file in Jun 2007 , EB3 category?


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  • svam77
    07-24 02:17 PM

    MY labor says that the candidate needs atleast 1 year exp as a Software Engineer.

    But my experience letter says that I have 2 years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer.

    Would that be ok ? (Actually I was a software engg before and got promoted to Senior Software Eng later.)

    I mean should be only Software engr in the exp letter rather than Sr Software engr ?

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  • akkakarla
    08-22 08:22 PM
    Actions speak louder than words. If they are deeply concerned then they should be taking steps forward to make something happen.


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  • salvador marley
    04-25 12:48 PM
    thanks guys

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  • sw33t
    07-30 12:07 PM
    23 members and counting.

    Have you signed up yet?


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  • newbie2020
    06-17 12:57 PM
    As long as you meet the requirements for EB5 (500K in approved areas/ 1M in rest)

    you should be good. They don't need the 140 and if you haven't applied for 485 then it doesn't matter.

    Also did u know it is a conditional GC (just like when u marry USC you get a conditional GC) after 2 yrs you need to apply for removal of conditions by proving you met all the EB5 requirements.

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  • pnauhwar21
    07-02 07:35 PM

    I want to get my Wife�s name (FNU case) corrected in the L2 petition. What is the process for that? I have read that a Visa amendment needs to be filed but didn�t find any such amendment form on USCIS site.

    She only had her first name in the passport hence both the petition and I-94 had her name as FNU HERFIRSTNAME. I am planning to get her name corrected in passport first by applying for a new passport at consulate. Afer that, need to get her name corrected in the L2 visa petition. I-94 should get corrected when we re-enter US next year as current one is already expired.

    Has anyone got the visa petition corrected? Please let me know the process. Appreciate help from everyone.



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  • weilai
    06-28 01:03 AM
    A friend's H1B transfer from company A to company B was denied. Since his H1B with company A is still valid and is going to expire in 3 months, he can still go back to work for company A. However, if he chooses not to work for company A and tries to find a third employer to do another transfer, is he considered out of status for these three months?

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  • axp817
    06-27 10:04 PM
    Isn't it a violation of the law, if NO reason is given while denying the 485?

    The only recent case I have seen on IV was where the member got a NOID stating that the 140 was withdrawn/revoked.

    So, here, a reason WAS given.

    Of course, the reason might have been incorrect, as the poster seemed to think.


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  • birdwing
    07-24 06:29 PM
    what is the purpose of this?

    If it is to share comments between people working on the same project, it would probably be easier to convert it to xps and use document viewer to see it. And then the comments could be saved as a .txt file and sent with the other file.

    Thats my 2 cents although it would be cool to get it working the way you first envisioned.

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  • Dalai Lama
    01-11 10:16 AM
    Did you contributed to IV.


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  • Scythe
    04-20 01:37 PM
    You're welcome!

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  • factoryman
    06-19 03:36 PM
    It is their error and mistake. There is no time to correct. So, officer should understand.

    becuase, his / her previous approval notices / I-94 copy on approval notice - the lower left part and I-94 the lower right part should have correct start and end dates. he can carry them.

    In my son's I-94, the one previous to the lat/latest one, his country of citizenship was notes as Oman (and not India). During the last renwal, it was corrected to India. My attorney placed a note.

    I went to Vancouver, BC in March 07 and got H1s stamped.

    Any other experiences. Please, take a moment and share.

    Hi all,

    This is for my friend who got his 3 year H1- B extension recently.
    He planned to visit India for stamping and already booked the air ticket + consulate appointment.

    But the Visa validity start date in his I-797A is incorrect. He joined this company only in 2006 but the start date shown in I-797A is sometime in 2001.
    Though the END date is correct, Is it going to cause any problem in his Visa stamping?
    He got only 2 weeks to fly and skeptical about the turnaround timeframe to file for correction.

    His lawyer says it is a very minor problem and will not affect the visa stamping.

    Please share any similar experiences / ideas.

    Thanks a lot


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    12-11 11:22 PM
    Thanks Nashorn.
    My Biometrics are done couple of months ago and I saw LUD's at that time,I am not sure if my name check is do I find out if my name check is cleared ??

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  • nirajnp
    06-02 04:55 PM

    My wife is currently on H1 (valid until Oct 2008). We just had a baby and I am thinking of transfering her to h4 (COS) for about 7-8 months. Once she feels comfortable she would like to start working again. In this case we would need h4 to h1b COS again.
    Ques 1: Will h4-to-h1 transfer (while the h1 visa is still valid) be counted against a fresh quota or will this be just a COS application.
    Ques 2: This is her first H1B which was valid for 3 years ( started in Oct 2005 - Oct 2008). Her company is about to file for renewal (for another 3 years - then her H1B maybe valid until Oct 2011). If she does COS to H4 now (June 2008) and if she plans to COS to H1 next year (Lets say March 2009), then will her new H1 application still be considered against the H1B cap ? The reason I ask is cos her H1B is currently valid until Oct 2008 and her company hasnt applied for renewal yet.
    Ques 3: How much time does it takes to get the COS for h1-h4 and h4-h1 ?

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance...


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  • techbuyer77
    07-17 06:28 PM
    I called an IO today at Texas.
    Last week they told me that due to glitch they never printed my fp notice.
    The IO I talked to then, said that she was going to generate one and mailed to me.
    I talked to another lady today and she said that notice was mailed last Thursday! She told me my appointment is on July 26 at 9:00 am but I dont have the NOA yet.... I dont know what to do I dont want to miss my appointment

    The lady said she will sent another one today..... I hope I get it, please let me know if you guys have any advice

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  • imh1b
    11-12 02:22 PM
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  • Maverick_2008
    04-14 03:32 PM
    Friends, here are my details:

    EB3, India
    PD: Feb 03
    140/485 applied concurrently on July 23, 07 at TSC
    140/485 Notice Date (from TSC): Sept 17, 07

    Now, initially TSC had a processing time of 6 months for 140. They then changed it to a specific date later on. As of March 15, 08, it's about Aug 15, 07. Following the last few months' trend, my observation is that I might hear about my 140 sometime this month. However, it's just a guess - it might take longer.

    When I call the USCIS (or even my attorney), I'm usually told that the dates on the site are just an estimate and even if my case is outside of the processing time according to their own web site, I can't speak with an immigration officer or do anything more about it. Is it true? I mean, say if I don't hear about my 140 this month at all and if the TSC processing time for 140 marches ahead well beyond Sept 17, 07 (my notice date), I can't even speak with an immigration officer?

    Thank you.


    11-11 11:22 AM
    It would be nice if we get Subscription expiration notification.

    09-06 09:43 AM
    it is fine to have both I-485s filed and pending - generally speaking, if one gets approved, USCIS should deny the other (as a LPR you will no longer be eligible to adjust your status to lpr).

    Thank you very much for your reply. Just wanted to know what is "LPR"?

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